Sunday, September 28, 2014

Just a Pretty Boy (For Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc)

He walks tall among the Greeks on the yard,
greeting the people that he sees.
Some watched and saw just a nice and courteous pretty boy,
but I watched and saw me.

He works on University projects,
helps organize community outreach,
and gives friends his uplifting “press on” speech.
Some only heard a pretty boy, but I heard me.

His reputation is honorable and good,
though some cannot recall,
the reasons why his goodwill echoes throughout Kinard Hall.
Some saw just a pretty boy doing too much,
but I saw me.

His clothes were classic prep and pressed; his
khakis were made to crease.
The ladies saw just a well-dressed desirable
pretty boy, but I saw me.

His pledges were hidden in plain sight,
just awful scrollers to see.
Some said they were paying the “pretty boy” cost,
and I saw that cost, one day, being paid by me.

His achievements are high. His fraternity was
founded by attorneys, educators, and doctors you see.
Some saw just a pretty boy studying too hard,
but I saw me.

He cares deeply about his chapter brothers,
and stays close to his LBs.
Some saw a pretty boy hanging with just his brothers,
but I saw me.

He never cares what others are doing,
he keeps his focus, stays the course, and plans his future
carefully you see. His peers saw an overachieving pretty boy,
destined to do great things, and I watched with
admiration and hope, because I saw me.

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