Thursday, October 27, 2011

"High School: A fitting place for Halloween"

It's been awhile since I've graced the halls of Wade Hampton High; yes, I said graced. I was a model student. I was very active in student government, a senior class officer, a tennis player, a band member (Marching and Concert), and I took a couple of AP and Honors classes as well. Beyond the classroom, I worked at Bi-Lo, and J. Crew to earn enough income to buy my clothes and school supplies. I also worked at my uncle and aunt's "nickel and dime" store washing cars and running the cash register with my three cousins in tow. As you can see, I was a pretty responsible kid. I even managed to graduate with a pretty good ranking although my home life was CRAZY! But I did it and managed to emerge with my sanity in place.

For the past four years, I have been substituting in my towns high schools and middle schools, and let me just say, I am scared. I have seen some great students, and I also have seen some horrible students. Though the great students reassure me and create positive thoughts about their generation's handling of the future, the bad students scare me. I'm not running for my life, but I have serious concerns for my children.

Some of them have already picked their lot in life. They are happy to do nothing, and leave everything for others to do. They try their best to do as little as possible to simply "get by", and that's unacceptable. I have heard the most disrespectful things come from them, and I have seen horrible behaviors. I just can't imagined that I ever acted in this manner. I remember much of my high school years with very clear detail, and I can honestly say I was never "out of line". But these students, these adolescent prodigies are simply beyond taming in some cases, and yes, many of them will see the inside of a jail cell several times, if they have not already.

As I was reading my plans from the period, I overheard a black female student tell other black female students that she is not into dating black boys. She stated this as she called over the brightest student in the class, a black boy, for assistance. She then went on to state that she doesn't want her house to be "shot up". "What an indictment", I thought to myself as I stared at her in disbelief for several minutes to digest what I witnessed. I know that their brains are still developing, and trying to stabilize. I know that they are emotionally insane; however, I just can not get past their "over the top" behavior, and reactions to things.

Whether they follow Lady Gaga or not, these little monsters will be home soon. As I passed them in the halls, and passed them in the parking lot, I could attest to the effectiveness of their masks and costumes. They have done their jobs because I am scared out of my mind. I think to myself then, "these crazy emotional unstable beings are driving 2 ton vehicles down the highway right past me, and sometimes in multiples?" It's just the 27th of October, and Halloween came early this year. Unfortunately, this Halloween will never lose it's fright, or ghoully appeal.