Sunday, September 28, 2014

For Joy

The combination of attributes
that encapsulate your womanhood
is simply deadly!
Beauty, poise, intelligence, and
charisma, there need not be anymore
collisions of the mind and vexed spirit
in your life unless it's in a Kaleidoscope,
the only thing known to man
that truly can capture the colors
of your spirit,
warm hues of orange, royal purples, yellows, and
golds that typically adorn heavenly hosts.
And yes, now you're included because
of the Holy Ghost.
Ghost, not because you're dead
or something that others see through.
A ghost because of the Jesus, the Lord Thy God,
that lives in you.
This is just a short retort
to remind you of your strutting days,
the people you've helped are always
willing to remind you of it when you've
lost your way.
So smile sista, sing sista,
and dance a mile high.
There's a place waiting for you
beyond this tangible sky.
You are the rainbow's symphony,
 a divine grace for heaven's sake.
The future is at hand, and you've got its
intellectual and spiritual real estate.

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