Monday, August 17, 2009

Bigotry Masked As Conservation of Constitutional Rights

I believe it's dangerous to hypothesize on the intent of the "Foundering Fathers". It's unfortunate that many of the diatribes concerning individual rights, as outlined in the constitution, come on the heels of an African American President. As a historian by degree, in my studies I've found that bigotry often is masked in pseudo concern for literal interpretation of the constitution. As I listen to Glenn Beck, or Fox News in general, ranting about the constitution, I wonder where their concerns were when the former President initiated unlawful wiretaps, and established the Patriot Act, which caused the most erosion of US citizens' rights to date. I wonder where the analyse of individual rights, liberties, and lives were when we were bamboozled into the Iraqi War. Now, lets bring it home, for that matter, where was all of this discussion about the intent of the foundering fathers, and alienable rights when the citizens of New Orleans were displaced, discounted, and discarded? There was no discussion of their alienable rights; the main right in the wake of Katrina was simply their right to life. But there was no discussion by the media or conservatives because there was no concern for, as they described, a disenfranchised second class rate of black and brown people.

Yemassee Native American blood flows through my veins; remember when my ancestors were murdered and enslaved so that the Anglo and Celtic "Christians" could steal their land? Everyone seems to forget about that holocaust. Native American blood flows through my veins so don't talk to me about the intent of the Founding Fathers. Indians, a cogent misnomer as America was already founded and inhabited by it's native people, Native Americans, the true Americans.

Now that the President of the United States is Black, conservatives "want their country back". Who stole it? I would feel better if they said they just wanted it back from the control of a Black Man. Are we not all adults? Please people, on both sides, just say what you mean, and mean what you say. Be careful; however, for every action or opinion, there is a reaction or counter opinion that could affect you and your business, if applicable.