Friday, July 17, 2009

Is Anybody Listening?

Lately, I've been feeling like I'm not doing enough in life. And I'm wondering if I'm alone. My mind has been bombarded with so many negative news events that I believe there has to be a natural tipping point that occurs which would balance the current world climate. Okay, I know that's a little broad, so let me bring it in closer.

I believe I, we, need to be doing more to help our community. The Black Community, and the community at large, needs the attention that it has gone without for so long. We all have an obligation to reach back and assist those who are struggling, and lagging behind the eight ball of progress. Most importantly, we all have an obligation to contribute to the cause. That contribution may be monetary, or it can be with our time. Historically, we were there. We were at a point where community mattered and we took responsibility for ourselves as well as our friends and neighbors.

One of my main goals is to put a new face on Minority Fatherhood; it is my hope that through my efforts, we can begin to change the picture of black fatherhood often associated with "dead beat dads" and replace it with one of dignity and honor. That's just one of the many issues I would like to tackle. As a think about all I want to do, I decided to ask myself whether or not I had usefully applied my passion when it came to my own family and extended family. I concluded that I had given it a go when it came to my family; however, my family was resistant to my efforts and I finally decided to move onto to others who wanted better in life, and who were more appreciative of my efforts to assist.

So if anybody is listening, understand, we must implore those around us to listen to sources of positive information that will assist them in reaching their personal goals. They must listen to different ways to reach their goals and possess an attitude that will conspire with the universe to pull them into their abundance. As messengers, we also have to be guarded and not allow ourselves to be pulled into the abyss of apathy and despair. As messengers, we must be mindful to make sure our message is going out into fertile minds; minds ready for tilling so that fruit from their new found knowledge can not just grow, but flourish. Hotep!!!

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  1. So, my angst-addled young man. A troubling issue you raise and, as you know, I concur. The "Norrises" of the world are quickly and sadly going the way of disco albums; disappearing altogether. I'm not a word mincer, as you well know, so at the risk of seeming acerbic, abrasive, harsh, etc..., I present "My Take On It"..

    It annoys the hell out me to no end when we speak of the responsibilities of our "people" to ourselves yet don't hold those who present our images out to the masses 100% liable for the duplicitous presentation they happily embrace! Listen, you can't/shouldn't complain about how tough the education and justice system is on you in your "hood" but then, after you sign your multi-bizzillion dollar rap contract, go right out and make a viral video that'll be broadcast to every young white guy (and future law enforcement Chief) glorifying the very thing you're being pulled over for! It's simply irresponsible and repulsive and, as my Dad would say, Bass-ackwards!

    The flippant, careless way in which we allow the degradation of our young, beautiful Black women to be displayed in all their glory in videos astounds me. I say "we" because "we" are in large part responsible for the celebrity of our rappers, sports figures and the like. We hold them up for their achievements and not for their presentation (or lack there of) of the Black intellects that Garvey, Malcolm, Martin, Carter, Newton embodied. Listen, if you graduated college, COLLEGE!, and now you're a pro-sports guy and someone shoves a mic in front of your face and says "Speak, Black man", you'd better rattle off a verbosity that would make Webster say "Get down, wit you bad self, Brotha" or keep your mouth shut. Because otherwise, I don't care how many points you scored or how much money you made. What you've done is given every white kid watching you, who has yet to have a close acquaintance with a Black person, reason to suspect the first one they encounter is as ill-educated as YOU! You've done us a grave disservice and I, for one, hold you accountable.

    It is a tough job, this changing of the negative Black image that has existed so long. It is an individual job as well. My lot in life has been to change it one non-Black person at a time so that when they leave my presence they are ready and willing to meet the next Black man to hear what pearls of wisdom and experience he has to offer and tell their non-Black friends to do likewise. So should it be with every pseudo-celebrity Black person who has a national forum; be it the concert stage or television interview. Millions will watch and millions will judge and base their prejudging on it or walk away and say to themselves "I stand enlightened to Black people".

    If we're going to buy the album or go to the game, I say we always must wag a finger to those we enrich with our patronage and support and say "I'll buy it but you'd better start presenting a more positive image of us. It is your duty as a Black man. And stop having kids by more than 1 woman!"

    Look, are whites responsible for the negative images of us out there? Of course. Can we stop them if they have the desire to put that image out there? Yes. How? Stop feeding them content! I'm done....for now..